Federal Reserve could in fact save US, the question is do they want to

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    If you are one of those who thinks that you can have jobless recovery and expanding debt exponentially as recovery tools. Please stop reading right now and find another thread for yourself.

    Here is what we know ladies and Gentlemen.

    Half of national debt is owed directly to the FED, we made our peace with it literally 100 years ago. They will print and loan us money and we will collect income tax and pay them interest.
    OK so we made our peace with that.

    So what now ? Well the game is falling apart cause we owe too much, so why don't the FED forgive all that money we owe them.

    We will happily make new loans and continue paying FED interest on new loans.

    Why won't the FED save the game ?

    Is the FED waiting for complete collapse. Don't they know that eventually people will start puking and grabbing lead.
  2. The Fed knows damned well that it can't pull the QE in March. So expect QE part deux to be announced shortly. Then it's off to the races once more as we inflate housing, equities, commodities...just about everything but the dollar.

    Banana Ben is a fucking asshole.
  3. Did you know France went bankrupt 7 times these last 5 centuries?

    Even the mighty China has defaulted on their debt several times.

    This is what countries do.

    Go bankrupt.

    Then start again.

    I don't know why the idea is so frightening today given it's reoccurrence troughout human history.

    Perhaps it's because of the level of prosperity we have managed to achieve being so high any threat of downsizing seems like the end of the world is near.

    Or perhaps people were just as scared previously but history erased those feelings as in the end those defaults were just small hickups leading up to better times.
  4. achilles28


    The Game is to own everything by creating nothing.

    That's what our entire Central and Private banking system is predicated on:

    Conjuring debt out of thin air, backed by real assets.

    When you don't pay, the bank takes your house, or country.

    Based on what? Debt printed from nothing.
  5. Stocks are safer than dollars,tbills. if the US goes bankrupt and back. Stocks still have value. Your dollar might be worthless and changed to a new note. and stocks just get repriced in the new note.
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    Your post is very interesting. I honestly have trouble understanding how it can be done without spilled blood. Can you Elaborate please.
  7. That's because YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! The huge majority people who go bankrupt during the currency collapse RARELY recover with the "new economy".

    The COUNTRY survives to the benefit of new owners... which doesn't do CRAP for those who went down with the ship.
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    Obviously, I hope they are interested in preserving the game, They are risking an end because of short sightedness
  9. achilles28


    It's not shortsighted.

    The economy is just a vehicle used to extract innovation and technology to empower self-sufficiency for the Elite.

    That's been achieved. Now, the Game is to kill as many of us as possible, shove off, and enjoy their technological utopia in a neo-feudalistic world.

    The Golden Goose concept, that the Elite need a vibrant and robust Global Economy, is nonsense. What they are after is the fruits of that economy. Not amassing endless paper bills, endlessly.
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    You are either very smart or very stupid and I am not prepared to call you stupid.

    I guess the biggest mistake is assuming Elite are stupid and stuck in their ways.
    You know meeting of builderbergers would be considered crazy conspiracy theory, yet it happens every year.
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