Federal law prohibit robocalls to cellphones, but this doesn't stop GOP spammers

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  1. If you're using social media to follow the presidential campaign or even if you're related to someone else who's doing that, there's a good chance your cellphone got spammed Tuesday night with an anti-Obama text message.

    The messages went out between 7:30 and 10 p.m. They were anonymous but quickly traced to a Republican consulting firm in Northern Virginia.

    Federal law generally prohibits the sending of political robocalls and robo-texts to cellphones. But those provisions don't address emails that are sent to cellphones as text messages.

    The sites were registered at the Web hosting company Go Daddy.com. On Wednesday, Go Daddy suspended them.

    Nick Fuller, a spokesman for Go Daddy, says its terms of service are clear cut.

    "When a customer uses a domain name registered thru Go Daddy to participate in activities such as spamming via email or text messaging, instant messages, pop-ups, that's not something that we tolerate," Fuller says.

    It appears that all of the websites related to the text messages were registered by employees of a Republican consulting firm, ccAdvertising of Centreville, Va.

    The firm's website brags about its ability to reach cellphones.

    It says its clients have included McDonald's; Starbucks; Grover Norquist's anti-tax advocacy group, Americans for Tax Reform; and GOP politician Ken Cuccinelli, now Virginia's attorney general.

    In an email conversation with NPR, ccAdvertising's president, Gabriel Joseph, wouldn't address the messages sent last night. He said the firm has always scrupulously complied with the law.
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    Federal law prohibits the acceptance of foreign campaign contributions, too. But Obama continues to accept them and solicit foreign donations.
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    not nearly as slimey as letting foreigners contribute money to the your campaign.

    we have to stop lobbying and billion dollar campaigns... it turns all these campaign workers into future political clintons and duke cunninghams.
  4. This is off topic again, but we know by now who has been spamming this forum.
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    I can explain the "foreign" campaign donations.
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    Tsing Tao

    Just curious, but why is it off topic? It talks about illegal activities in both campaigns. Or is it off topic because it doesn't prove the point that you, in particular, want it to?
  7. This is all Team Obama has for the end game? Spam calls, Romney's tax filings again for the umpteenth time, Christie shaking hands with Obama, etc., etc. Somebody seems mighty desperate. Benghazi cover up taking it's toll.
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    America sees through the Obama nightmare (the majority do anyway), and will be voting him out.

    I'm also curious to know why we ALLOW the msm to spew garbage like Romney and Obama being tied in a dead heat simply for the sensationalism, and airtime sold.:mad: I'd actually pay monthly for a REAL, NO BULLSHIT news channel that doesn't 'have' to rely on airtime being sold.
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    The Tea Party network is coming next year. It will just be on-line for now, though.