**federal Judge Outlaws 95% Of Sugar Crop**

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    Thanks for the link

    " But conventional sugar beet seeds remain widely available and environmentalists filing suit said the judge's decision should not significantly affect sugar production."

    Hmmmm. Wonder if the environmentalists would be willing to go long MON Monday then? Lol I doubt that one!

    I have a friend who trades ag futures. I'll shoot this link his way. See what he thinks.
  2. Even the title of this thread is wrong. It is 95% of 50%, and that is only in the US.
    "Sugar beets make up a little over half of the U.S. sugar crop, and 95 percent of sugar beets come from Roundup ready seed, Grant said.

    The Center for Food Safety has countered that farmers can easily go back to using conventional sugar beet seeds, which were widely used as recently as two years ago."
  3. There is a reason as to why they use the "Round Up" seeds. Even if they go back to the conventional seeds, then it wont be 100% production. There will be a loss of production and I believe it will be significant.

    Its easy to sit here and opine about how the conventional seeds are just like the "Round Up" seeds, but they are two totally different animals.
  4. I wonder if this story has anything to do with the recent increase in sugar futures price values.

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    How can OP possibly expect to succeed as a trader (or in whatever he/she does) if they can't distinguish between half and 95%?

    Is this the dumbing down of ET?
  6. Thats an easy question to answer. Being too smart and reading things very closely like you did is usually not the trait of a successful trader. Putting too much thought into things is hazardous to your financial health...

    Need examples? Long Term Capital Management for one. Mark Twain, Sigmond Freud, etc. All were sunk by the markets despite great intelligence and intellect.
  7. :(

    But please don't use the term Sugarbeet for this... It's called Genuity® Roundup Ready® sugarbeets... or Genetically Modified Organism (insert patent id )...

    and from this blog... :


    When the farmer ask :

    The Answer :


    This girl has the word in the right way ( for her PR ) but does she understand what it means in concret terms? Because if I reformulate I get : GMO will lead to pollution of the natural world...

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    so to be successful one should be dumb as a rock, like you?
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    I'm eating 80% organic food currently and feeling a bit better for it... next is a garden of legacy plants and that goddam gmo shit better not contaminate it... I have to locate miles from the nearest commercial farm just so the wind can't carry that shit to me... and Monsanto sues the farmers and wins in court.. for stealing their stuff, when it's carried to farms that don't want it by the wind!!
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