Federal government now taking donations.

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  1. https://www.pay.gov/paygov/forms/formInstance.html?agencyFormId=23779454

    To give you an idea of how much they need, in order to pay off just what they added to the defict last week, every man, woman, & child needs to chip in about $183.

    If you want to pay off just what Obama has spent since in office, you all need to chip in about $10,000 each. (He is costing the average family of 4 about $2,200 per month every month he has been in office or $555 per month per individual)

    Tell me how we can ever pay that off?
  2. schizo


    Who would have thought the day would come when the richest nation in the world begs for donations. I'm sorry, but what a sorryass sight.
  3. Simple:

    War mongering... Pillage the wealth and resources from the middle east and other weaker nations.. specifically oil & gold but any natural resource will do... occupy these lands with our armed forces and drones as "paid security" and tax their citizens until all of our costs are recovered with 12% interest. Maybe 50 - 100 years.

    If they don't like it or complain... brand them as insurgents or terrorists and shoot them in the head.

    j/k but sadly it seems to be a realistic option.

  5. rc8222


    Oh, and just wait for the 'REAL' cost of Obamacare. The dictator-in-chief, and his douche bag minion Democrats say it will cost 1 trillion over 10 years. What is the real cost going to be? Try 2-3 trillion over 10 years. Every entitlement costs at least 2-3 times what these idiot politicians say it does. Obamacare is going to bury the Democrats for decades, and rightfully so. 2012 cannot get here soon enough!!!!!