Federal Employees Get Compensated WAY MORE Than The Rest Of Us

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cstfx, Aug 13, 2010.

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    How does if feel to be working in the private sector... every morning you get up, go to job that pays half what somebody gets for doing next to nothing... and the public sector unions will ride the whole public sector and the economy right into the ground eventually anyhow....
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    Agree...I've seen one too many unions drive companies into bankruptcy or permanent closure.

    Not saying we don't need unions. On the contrary, the rank n file (union members) need to show more independence and not get brain washed into thinking driving a company to its knees will give the union members better benefits and pay when the company is in financial difficulty.

    Simply, unions should only use that scare tactic for companies enjoying consistent profits and growth.

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    This is GREECE.
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    So are they paid too high, or is the private sector paid too low? I know, I know, let the free market decide that. Only thing is, 1) the free market is deciding that a lot of people are completely unnecessary to its operation (I do my best to make this happen), and, 2) those that are still needed should have their incomes "aligned" with compensation rates abroad.
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    1) Automation isn't the problem. Outsourcing is.

    2) That collapses debt-based economies leveraged to the hilt. America, Europe, Japan etc. Think Great D 2.0. Extreme wage disparity between 1st world and 3rd, is a direct testament to generations of sacrifice, innovation and entrepreneurship. We built it. It's ours.
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    Automation... You're right, not a problem for those of us who own the robots, mwahahahaha... !

    Outsourcing... my shareholders would disagree, outsourcing is the solution. It's not a problem for those of us who own the companies, mwahahahaha... !
  8. What do you call it when those that call themselves servants of the public make twice as much as those that pay their wages?
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    Are those jobs, when open, not posted and made available to the public for competitive hiring?
  10. What do you call it when those that rule over the citizens, call themselves servants of the public and have a standard of living multiples more than those that pay their wages?
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