federal deficit has fallen faster over the past three years than since World War II.

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  2. Good Job President Obama.I'm glad he didn't increase the deficit a trillion dollars like Bush did

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    the deficit is growing very large... your quote is misleading. the graph was deficit as a percent of gdp.
  4. The deficit is smaller now then when Obama came into office
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    total b.s.


    Under these figures, and using this calculator, with 2008 as the base year and ending with 2012, the compound annual growth rate for Obama’s spending starting in 2009 is 5.2 percent. Starting in 2010 — Nutting’s first year — and ending with 2013, the annual growth rate is 3.3 percent. (Nutting had calculated the result as 1.4 percent.)
    Of course, it takes two to tangle — a president and a Congress. Obama’s numbers get even higher if you look at what he proposed to spend, using CBO’s estimates of his budgets:
    2012: $3.71 trillion (versus $3.65 trillion enacted)
    2011: $3.80 trillion (versus $3.60 trillion enacted)
    2010: $3.67 trillion (versus $3.46 trillion enacted)
    So in every case, the president wanted to spend more money than he ended up getting. Nutting suggests that federal spending flattened under Obama, but another way to look at it is that it flattened at a much higher, post-emergency level — thanks in part to the efforts of lawmakers, not Obama.
  6. OK,lets go with 3.3 or 5.2 %,thats still lower then Bush 1's 5.4 %,Reagans 8.7 % and W Bushs 7.3 % and 8.1 %

  7. In Obamas first term spending went from 3.5 trillion to 3.8 trillion,a 300 billion dollar increase,around a 9 % spending increase and deficit currently lower then he received it


    Bushs first 4 years- spending increased from 1.862 to 2.292 trillion ,a 430 billion dollar increase in spending . A 23 % spending increase ,deficit higher then when he came into office


    Reagans first 4 years- spending increased from 678 billion to 851 billion,a 173 billion spending increase, 25 % spending increase,deficit higher then when he came into office

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    Lord, no, they're trying to understand the shortfall in light of the overall financial situation??
  9. All good info, but we all have to admit, we Need to Cut Spending, clean shit up.
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