Fed´s Poole said Subprime Damage Contained

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  1. Poole is a tool!

    My poetry for this day.

    He has been saying the same shit for months. All is well, economy is great, housing has bottomed every month for a year.
  2. I could never have agreed more.. The biggest tool around!!
  3. this guy is too too much. what a puppet. 'the real economy', is that the same as deducting food and energy from inflationary concerns? Is there a real govt, vs. a fake one? He must not have been looking at the same text as everyone else. This sounds like that kid 'handsome' doing everyone a favor by touting appl at 143. I know, I know. Efficient markets right? very efficient. If there is a problem our boys at the fed can just roll them presses. The question still remains can they print those tickets fast enough.
  4. Paulson reiterates....."subprime contained."

    My Uncle just died and was cremated. His ashes are contained in a very nice urn.

    Relax America!!! Mad Money at 6 and 11. Crames, I call him "Crames", is gonna show us how to play this.

    In a Third World country, these idiots have their toenails pulled out and then are served as appetizers.
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    Couldn't say it better myself!!
  6. Typical fed jaw boning, they don't know jack shit. How about they keep their month shut.

    We need the government to stay out of the markets, so we can create some opportunities.
  7. ron paul 2008!!
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    Had he spoken the truth....ie, we have no idea how bad this could be , but it has the potential to equal the wealth destruction of the dotcom crash of several years ago... imagine the blood bath it would have caused.

    IMHO the Fed are shitting bricks. I think the subprime woes on there own are surmountable....but these things have an uncanny ability to snowball and the Fed know this.
  9. peter schiff, of europacific capital is his equivalent in our business. He built his business around this. He has been out of US markets since 94-95. It is very bad. Chris puplava came out with a report last year which was excellent. If you can add and subtract there is tons of money to be made in the times ahead.
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