Fed will keep cutting rates- do you know?

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  1. Here is something you donot know.

    Bernanke is a complete goof and has proven himself today. He waited till he saw collapses in world markets and saw US futures trading 500 points below - a confirmation for early morning market crash and than cut 0.75 points both sides on Feds and discount rates. The move will shock the world markets today when they open. Those people are not so dour in their oulooks and those markets will bounce back quickly.

    Fed's rate cut was a good move but a day late and a dollar short.

    Our American compatriots on the other hand are already lying on the Psychiatrist's armchair mired in hopelessness and depression and poor outlook in life. Their soft psyche damaged to the point of almost no return. After throwing in the towel they are sitting on the sidelines. The general mood is of a deep depression and is bound to set up another self-kill in the markets if not checked.

    But you donot know something. This comes from experience dude.

    Feds have just started cutting rates and they will keep cutting rates till the economy is humming along fine and real estate starts hopping and popping once again. They have seen the writing on the wall a bit too late but they seem to be aware it. View from Bernanke's Ivory tower is dismal one, but now he is on a rate cutting binge. Markets will be constantly given protein injections when it starts fumbling and the public mood goes into the shitters.

    So those of you bears take precautionary measures and carefully short rallies and donot hope to make much, cause its very very hard to make money when someone is blowing landmines under your feet on a constant basis.

    Get your shorts out and join the ranks of bulls where its easy to make money in tending markets and those rate cuts will help a lot. Clear your shorts or get smoked out pal. Seems like there is a new change today.
  2. calm down stock trad3r, I see your having issues with your schitzophrenia again. You did sign on and post as turd3r yesterday.
  3. Just cut when markets are down, can we go to rates below zero?

  4. This the last time I will answer this.

    I am not stock trader3.

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  5. sure sounds like him
  6. Markets won't be down and economy won't be down when the Fed rates are cut. That is the beauty of our system.

    They are the ones who raised rates 18 times to kill the real estate market to save us from inflation cause by OIL barrons greed at the pump.
  7. You can't match your intellectual wits with lots of people on this forum, hence these oblique comments.
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    Japan had interest rates at 0% for 16 years...

    Made no difference.

    Not a sure bet cutting interest rates.
  9. Sorry, but you cannot claim to be part of a group of intellectuals and make a post with such pathetically miserable grammar and punctuation like you did in the original post.
  10. Bonds seem to like this rate cut a bit more than the past ones, is it the .75? Stocks recovered well and bonds up, seems strange.
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