Fed wants higher oil prices

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  1. It might be FED even buys futures to push prices higher

    You would think why

    Easy. Thier friends from investment banks need to cover losses. And oil is very convinient instrument

    If Fed wanted lower prices why then they don't shut up all those forecasters from Morgan and Goldman?

    Or better ban them from trading commodity futures
    If they don't agree close discount window.
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    That would be blackmail
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    Well, this oil futures run up has let us know one thing for sure...there is nothing "American" about Goldman, Merrill and friends. These fuckers will sell this country down the river in a heartbeat. Wouldn't surprise me if they do what Haliburton did, go set up their Headquarters in Dubai. But first they need to destroy our economy.

    The Fed are the typical loser politician types. They will do what the IB's want in the hopes of a sweet industry job when they retire. Greenspan wrote his book, and I think is also involved in some Hedge fund now. Probably got lots of seed money from the IB's. Anyone who thinks he was good for this country and not the IB's is plain wrong. He caused the market crash in the 90's, and the real estate bubble.
  4. during the Cold War(s), the conduct being allowed under Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other prognosticators (Boone, Soros, other traders, etc.) would be views as un-American activities.

    At that time there was the cross dressing tough man thug image of the FBI and Hoover's G-Men to enforce those precepts. I call them that for lack of a better term, as they were not laws, just like the conduct and attitude that comprised the "red scare", and all the hunts for "reds", as well as non capitalist activities. During those extreme years, even socialist or humanitarian conduct was branded as being communist or communist sympathizers. None of these concepts were quantified and ratified into laws, however, during those time anyone could identify what being un-American meant.

    What these media stations continue to do:
    .. CNBC and their Fri, June 6th, 9pm Oil Crisis special 60min report,
    .. CNN HN, CNN, BloombergTV, Fox Business TV

    What these prognosticators and these brokerage companies continue to do without conscience for their actions....

    What conditions that we have at present and saw on friday's -413 DJIA scenario...

    are un-American and by their actions directly destabilize and add to the dire economic conditions previously referenced as "systemmatic risk levels".

    so, there you have it,

    what these people continue to do, must be being orchastrated, and causing such internal domestic strife that there either is some other reason and authorization or something more controlled or sinister,

    either way,
    each time they do it, they do it knowing that outcome is predetermined.

    Wonder whether they aren't gaminig the play?, putting in shorts then casting dispersions and causing market collapses?
  5. You could really use much better grammar.
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