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  1. I'm looking for a reliable charting/back testing platform where I can also write my own custom indicators. E-signal can do these things now, but I'm reading quite a few complaints about e-signal too. Are there any alternatives to TradeStation out there?

    IB is my broker and I use quote tracker as a back up charting application but unfortunately I can't write my own indicators.

  2. nitro


    A very inexpensive way is to get a "used" TS2K with historical data for testing. For realtime, just add Dynastore and IQFeed. It is not perfect [especially filtering bad ticks] but it is very cost effective and you already know the software.

    I am not looking into RealTick since it is beginning to look like they are catering to pros with things like indications and imbalances.

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    I would encourage you to try eSignal's 30 day risk-free trial. If for some reason, our product does not meet your needs, then cancel and you get all your money back (excluding exchange fees).

    We do sometimes have negative comments on the boards, however I believe there are many, many more satisified clients then not. In my opinion, it's worth the time to at least give it a try. One thing to note, is we have live weekly New User Training sessions that introduce the basics of eSignal, and help with that ramp up time. I run many of those, and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

    New User Training

  4. Is it possible to try esignal with free delayed data? Assuming one is only interested in reviewing the front end?
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    Some say NeoTicker is the best, I'm leaning in that direction myself but Tradestation is .... addicting? ... Familiar?, not sure what keeps me there. Probably too much trouble to learn something new.

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    Yes, the risk-free trial can be setup on the delayed package to avoid exchange fees. You can either sign-up online using the link from my last post, or through our Sales group. I'll drop you a PM on the latter route.
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    chinook, Why are you fedup with Tradestation (for the sake of
    those of us who use TS7) ?


  8. Splat,

    Since TS released TS7, there has been data lag and network problems. I'm trading NQ and now TS has direct CME feed. But still once in a while TS network gets busy and there are delays in the data. Today, the whole network went down. Apparantly, this was due to Bell South Network problem but it was very similar to what I have seen before. The problem is usually when the market is quiet everthing is OK but when the volume picks up the problems start occuring.
  9. Nitro,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I now use TS6 but I still I have my old TS2k. I like programming using Easy Language and the TS6 platform but the datafeed and network has many problems even after TS upgraded them.
  10. Jay,

    Does e-signal get direct data feed from CME and CBOT? Also where does e-signal get real-time NYSE, Nasdaq stock data and the major stock indices from?

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