Fed trading. How did you do?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DisciplinedHedg, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Fed trading is notoriously difficult, but people just want a piece of the action.

    I only traded after the announcement. And got whippedsawed initially. 1st trade loss. 2nd trade turned day net profitable. 3rd trade more profitable. All were short futures.

    How did you do?
  2. My bracketed fed announcement trade yielded 4.25 points. I had my market order at 1363 long and 1357 short. I did not get filled until 1366, and my trailing stop got hit at 1370.25.
  3. Deer in headlights describes me today. Flat out pussy.
  4. That was Fun!

    Can we do it again?
  5. First time Ive traded a fed day

    I learned alot

    'Good things I did'
    Had a 'buy' pre-placed at 12,550 just prior to the runup at 12678
    that one worked fine

    I shut the laptop off when 6 out of 9 trades went against me -- this was a very good thing.

    'Bad' things I did
    I was setting 50 point stops both short and long
    (comments welcome --- stops too wide?)

    I bought at 12,590 circa 3:25 --just prior to the end of day dump
    (comments please -- I believed my reasoning was sound --- the trend after the announcement was up -- and I decided not to short against it) ---- this reasoning was not sound today

    So on to tomorrow!