Fed To Take Propaganda To The Schoolroom

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Mar 13, 2012.

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    Schooling was federalized to indoctrinate young minds with false realities. The question is why? The answer to that, is rather disturbing. First examine what they don't teach:

    1) Reading, writing, math and science are glossed over. In some cases, highschool graduates are barely literate.

    2) The primacy of the Constitution and Federalist Papers are largely ignored. When discussed, slave ownership is emphasized and the Founders cast as racist hypocrites. The nature of our Republic, the three co-equal branches, and the separation of powers, is rarely taught.

    3) No mention of real economics - how wealth is created/destroyed. What types of Government/policies encourage wealth creation/destruction. Where money comes from (debt) and the nature of our banking system. The importance of a robust economy to a cohesive, prosperous society and strong national defense.

    What is taught??

    1) "Social Agenda" issues - global warming, "over population", "save the earth" meme, guns are bad, drugs are bad, socialism is good. The Government is great, watch your parents, be a good "global citizen", the UN is great, the Federal Government is there to "help you", capitalism is bad, vaccines are good, how we can all "save the 3rd world", how to have sex, what kinds of sex are good, when it's normal to have sex and masturbate....
  3. Wait a sec, you saying it's bad to masturbate? I was kinda sorta with you until that point...
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    ahah. Giving school kids "how to's" on self gratification, ya, I would say so.
  5. Thomas Jefferson would be rolling over in his grave...

    :( :(
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    It's the same thing Hitler and other despots have done before. Control and indoctrinate the minds of the youth and soon the public will believe and follow the radical ideology.
  7. You've got your "A game" lately. Another fantastic post.
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    Nowhere does the lesson plan make any reference to Article I, section 10, where it says, "States shall not make anything but gold or silver coin a tender in payment of debts."

    Home school your kids.
  9. This is precisely why my children are being home schooled. My wife is actually a teacher so hush.
  10. Fair enuf. I taught one of my ex-wives to do the same, and she is adhering to that, to this day.
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