Fed To Raise Rates At Next Meeting

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  1. The need to, but these dumb butts will wait till oil is near $100.00
  2. So your thread title "Fed to Raise Rates At Next Meeting" is nothing more than your own personal opinion?

    Tell me, why does the fed need to raise rates right now?
  3. If they raise rates, they collapse the economy. If they dont raise rates the collapse the economy. No win situation right now. If they keep rates the same...at least they keep the party going a little longer.
  4. There is no way they can raise rates right now. At the very least they will need to see some signs of inflation before ever raising rates...
  5. Thats comming right up. Oh wait I forgot the exclude everything everyone uses every day silly me.
  6. Raise rates? With mortgage rate stimulus (the most meaningful stimulus going on) being weakened (5.3% avg rate for 30 yr on bankrate) by the rush away from treasuries, I'd be surprised if the Fed didn't announce one last boost to money printing before this is over.


    Yes, the stock markets are higher, but there's a deluge of housing market inventory to clear that will continue to weigh banks and lending down that will directly benefit from mortgage rates back towards 4%.

    The inflation we will see has nothing to do with Fed funds rate. It has to do with lack of investment in productivity-raising factors.

    They aren't out of the woods yet... I'll change my tune if after 3 months of higher mortgage rates, housing sales are continuing to uptick and the last round of housing liquidations is well towards middle stage. We haven't even started the beginning stage.
  7. The rate of inflation right now is NOT EVEN CLOSE to anything that would warrant a rate hike...you are so far off the mark.
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    How many more bubbles do you want the fed to create, they created the last housing bubble with historical low interest rates, also keep in mind they will be late in raising rates causing inflation.
  9. Voted dumbest thread of the day on ET.
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    OP, you are probably at least 1-2 years ahead of schedule
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