fed to nudge banks to offer morgage rates below 2percent

Discussion in 'Economics' started by traderight07a, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Fed to become lender for jo public 1.5 percent morgate econy will turn, change back into inflatin mode.
  2. How stupid is that?

    Further penalize those who save & are responsible with money.

    Help those lucky enough who have good jobs & can easily qualify for mortgages & buy (since banks are mainly lending to well qualified borrowers).

    Cause inflation of prices & price other people not as lucky or temporarily not qualified to buy out of the market.

    Fuck up the housing market with bubbles & contractions even more.

    The housing market does NOT need FED/Gov meddling!
  3. Are you making this up? Is this for real?

    Hell...I will refi at 1.5% if thats true. I will also pull out a little equity at that rate.