Fed to buy $500 billion in US debt

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  1. Oct 20 (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve plans to launch a program to buy $500 billion worth of U.S. Treasuries over six months but leave itself room for more buying, said a report from influential consultancy Medley Global Advisors, a source told Reuters on Wednesday

  2. I guess you haven't been paying much attention to all the QE2 talk that's been going on for a few weeks now, eh?
  3. Not much. The market has priced more than that already.
  4. Lousy $500 billion ? LOL !
  5. Billion is chicken sh1t. We are talking trillions now
  6. There should be a forum here for "Dismal but Predictable News," regardless if it's politics, sports, celebrities, financial, etc. You know, like:

    Lindsay Lohan back in drug rehab

    More murders by drug gangs along the U.S-Mexican border

    The Fed plans to continue creating illusory rallies and economic confidence courtesy of U.S. taxpayer dollars
  7. No one in the US should be surprised when our economic system completely collapses. Never before has there been so much arrogance with so much hubris. Bernanke is a dangerous fucking moron
  8. Right hand meet left hand. This is QE in what capacity? This is a cartoon.
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    Been saying this for a really long long time. Bubble ben bernanke is a complete fool, the steps being taken now will only lead to the inevitable in the years to come. Why no one questions what is going on baffles me. The system is completely upside down and they will do what ever it takes to keep it sustained to make it look like its growing. QE2 is pretty much worthless, all were doing is inflating asset prices around the world and creating gigantic carry trades, this is just the beginning of this credit crisis.
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