Fed Speculation 11/1/05

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  1. OK kiddies, what's it gonna be?
  2. I don't know and I don't care

  3. anota qwata!

    with slightly detuned inflation speak
  4. Raise.. quarter and they are gonna play both sides...

    They will say inflation looks elevated so they will continue path of moderate rate hikes...

    The silver lining will be that they will say either the economy is continuing its expansion.. or they will say the truth and they see some possibility of mild slowdown and will be monitoring it closely..

    Bottom line.. the Fed will give something for the bears and bulls to be happy about...

    My prediction is that the stock market will jitter a little and end up mildly positive.. after this meeting volatility should colapse and we will be back to 5 point ES ranges.

  5. i think it'll be more of the same. may mention lower energy prices producing less drag and therefore need to remain "vigilant."

  6. buylo


    Man do I hate that word.
  7. any opinions on effect on currency markets?
  8. same statement as always...

    "bla bla bla no inflation.. bla bla bla well contained.. bla bla bla .25 point raise"

    been exactly the same for a long long time
  9. Raise a quarter.
  10. Choad


    A short bustin' no-raise neutral!

    I can dream...
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