Fed sets up forex swap lines with ECB and Swiss central bank

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  1. Fed says first aution of term funds on Dec. 17

    Fed will auction term funds to banks to boost liquidity

    Fed, four other central banks announce lliquidity steps
  2. The Federal Reserve announced plans Wednesday to ease elevated pressures in credit markets. The Fed will inject cash into the markets through aution of short-term funds. The Fed also announced foreign exchange swap lines with the European Central Bank and the Swiss National Bank. The Bank of Canada is also a partner in the liquidity plan. The first auction will be held on Monday Dec. 17
  3. Year highs coming
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    Why was this rhetoric NOT included in the statement yesterday!?
  5. To give you a chance to buylo(w)....:p
  6. With the timing of these annoucements you have to think of private societies & secret handshakes.
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    Ha ha.....agreed.

    I thought Bernanke wanted to increase transparency in the Fed?? :confused: His only transparency is bailing the stock market out.
  8. Bernanke (To goldman): buy out the money december puts on thursday night with 1480 expiry
    Goldman: ok done.
    Bernnanke: (2 hours later): buy dec 1530 calls. Flat the 1480s.
    Goldman: Done.

    Seems plausible.
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    I wonder who got this news first
  10. Privatize profits socialize losses.

    No doubt about it.
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