Fed Seizes Aig

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    $85 Billion shelled out - The bigger you are the more you can get away with it
  2. So someone please explain this to me. This means that AIG stock goes to under a buck - for how long....for eternity? Or does this means someday the stock comes out of that status? Trying to decide if it's worthwhile to hold onto the stock I've got or just drop it.

    The govt' got warrants. Warrants are call options issued by the company so the owner can realize profit at a later date at a HIGHER stock price. ....
  3. So everyone is as lost as me? :)
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    Now that we the taxpayers are lending these idiots our taxpayer dollars, can I ask that all excess gadgets, trips, raises, bonuses, etc. be halted until further notice.

    Thank you, after all you work for US now.
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    But look at the bright side, now all these former corporate employees can sit around and do nothing! Congrats you now are a government employee, better perks, less work, less stress, more vacation and holidays.

    You can even file your nails now while pretending to listen to me on the other end of the phone line while I try to get my AIG insurance squared away.
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    Holy Crap, I see the bigger picture!

    Government Monopolies! You want a mortgage, no problem, insurance, no problem, automobile, sure thing, telephone service, sure thing, internet service, you got it son.

    Holy government control batman, Google Chrome! Crap I knew those bastards were in bed with the government.

    Ahh but the catch....
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    You know everyday more and more I feel as I am getting screwed following the rules and living with integrity and honesty. They should just handout Vaseline to those who live with integrity and honesty and it seems to be those in the middle.

    Listen to this crap! My child is not allowed to go the the cafeteria and get a chocolate milk because I pay $6000 year tuition in a pre-k public school system. But those on reduced lunch programs who pay nada, their children are entitled to the free milk if they wish. Holy f!@#@%#$!!!! bend over and get royally screwed Batman.
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    wave ,spilt milk
  9. I wonder if Bush, Bernanke, or Paulson is now the CEO of AIG.
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    Literally, when my wife told me this at breakfast this morning.
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