Fed says they'll do whatever's necessary to halt decline - including lies

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  1. The news will be forgotten about by Monday.

    Market will rally onward and upward on "green shoots".
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    These bankers aren't as stupid as people assume. This is not the first time for B of A to be completely bankrupt either. They had some loans to South America that went very badly for them a few decades back. They had no reserves at all but they nursed back to health after a few years... this recession has been going on since April of last year, it's now been going on longer than the typical recession and I get that, the banks are really in a mess. It's hard not to be all gloomy right now but personally I think it will all get better sort of abruptly at some point in the near future. The money on the sidelines for investment is staggering in amount and it's going to get tired of being tied up in real assets or whatever it is in.. that stuff could not be more boring to trade.... the money on the sidelines is waiting for transparency of toxic assets and the BO admin, or the Fed, whoever really runs all this shit, is setting things up so the toxic garbage trades OTC. Once that is in place, and the banks are seen to be minimally functional, forget the gloom baby... new business cycle, they last about eleven years...
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    And under the new administration doing and saying whatever "needs" to be will continue. Lies are really all they have.

  4. Crude oil has been fun lately.
  5. Unless you're a long-term investor, who gives a f*ck? When the up move halts, and price starts heading down, go short...until then, go Long and make some $$$. Does every move in the market have to be justified? Honestly can't figure out what the fuss is all about. For the traders that are ultra bearish, this rally should be a blessing in disguise....higher it goes, the more you will make shorting it :confused:
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    I wouldn't get too excited for the next four years. BO hates capitalism, business and isn't a big fan of America either.

    Any economic uptick will be met with more taxes on the rich (small and big business) so he can give it to those who don't even pay taxes. For BO it's not about doing what is right for America or for individuals, it's about taking from the few and giving to the many. Sort of like Hugo Chavez. They're both morally bankrupt Robin Hoods with a thirst for power.
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    The market is overvalued at this point. Who is gonna drive the rally from here? I really doubt we will see more buying than selling after such a huge run up. I could be wrong and I thought the same at 8000. But at 8550 now I am short. Since when is the banks needing another 70 odd billion dollars good news?
  8. Spot on. Until this clown moves to the center away from the left, it will be an uphill battle.
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