Fed says it could begin ‘gradual tapering process’ by mid-November

Discussion in 'Economics' started by ipatent, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. maxinger



    The market is not reacting to the news.
    the market considers this news as trivial news.
    Or the news has already been factored in the market.
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  2. Sir, I believe you are wrong here. There is almost zero chance of a debt default and in the case it happens, there will be ample time to get in on the short side.

    One of these days it will happen, I don't presume to know which day that is but I'm going to guess it's going to be related to a war.
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  3. Relentless


    I'm genuinely curious.

    How does one default on monopoly money?
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  4. Overnight


    If you are so sure there is zero chance of a debt default, why are you trying to get in on the short side? Contingency planning I guess?

    Plenty of time. The time to enter the short side is NOW. I should know, because I am long. I have suffered the bearish moves for 5 weeks. What's another 8 weeks between friends? SHORT IT if you have conviction in your trade.
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  5. I didn't say I am trying to get in on the short side, I just think that if there is such a huge macro change like a debt default, there will be so much time to get short that trading based on a debt default is only worth it if your account is measured in billions and you can cause the default.
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  6. Overnight


    So, the only way to make money in the market is if you can cause the market to move? That is a strange attitude.

    Follow the big boys. Don't try to be one, and make millions.

    Unless you are too scared to enter this crocodile pit. That is understandable.

    Very few people on this forum are currently posting real-money stats in their journals. You know why? Because we are in Q4 2018 mode. It's frightening. Nobody here has any conviction in their trades, except the stock guys who can jump in and out of individual symbols.

    NOBODY here has futures balls like me. NOBODY. Some will call me a lost cause, some will tell me I am a dumas for holding, but I know that I have a plan, and I have left myself some outs. Always leave one's self outs.
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  7. I didn't say that either.. I'm speaking more generally, not about you. I'm saying that I cannot trade based on assuming there will be a debt default. I just trade intraday for the most part. It helps to have some idea of where the market is going but generally I don't care as long as it's volatile.
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  8. LuckyMac


    I wonder what will happen in mid 2022 then once it is complete, surely their have to be ramifications for all that quant easing and the extra dollar floating around
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  9. Pekelo


    No such a thing, they were stupid to begin with. And it wasn't the media's fault, it was politicians, aka Republicans. It still is, fighting the scientific method.
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  10. Nine_Ender


    Well I'm sure many traders who don't understand of it will have an opinion and furiously short markets. Currently, the market has not only priced in tapering but two rate hikes are expected late 2022. I'm sure some traders will insist markets will collapse at that point because 0.75-1% interest rates are supposedly life changing.
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