Fed says it could begin ‘gradual tapering process’ by mid-November

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    Fed says it could begin ‘gradual tapering process’ by mid-November

    In a process known as tapering, the Fed would reduce the $120 billion a month in bond buys slowly. The minutes indicated the central bank probably would start by cutting $10 billion a month in Treasurys and $5 billion a month in mortgage-backed securities. The Fed is currently buying at least $80 billion in Treasurys and $40 billion in MBS.

    The target date to end the purchases should there be no disruptions would be mid-2022.

    “If they announce [tapering] in November, I don’t see why they would wait. Just go ahead and get going,” said Kathy Jones, chief fixed income strategist at Charles Schwab. Jones said she was a bit surprised by a notation in the minutes that “several” members “preferred to proceed with a more rapid” tapering pace.

    “That would be pretty aggressive,” she said. “There must be some outspoken people who are pretty concerned that they need to move even faster.”

  2. Overnight


    The markets did not price this in. That combined with what will most likely be a debt default, along with rate hikes? It is f-ed. Correction incoming.

    Perfect storm.
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  3. xandman


    Some official, maybe Powell, said they would start at around $10 B for the first month. A nothing burger. Not sure where I saw it, better google.

    Also, they will chicken out on an additional 5% downward move on the SP500. ES is already up overnight.
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    Good. Let's rain blood.

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  5. Overnight


    Here's the problem.

    "'Several' Fed officials preferred a more rapid reduction than $15 billion monthly pace, meeting minutes show..."


    The link no longer works. MW is about as reliable as a Chinese washing machine. Alas.

    Market correction/crash incoming. I should know, I am long.
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  6. clacy


    This is not a correction. It’s a total collapse.

    Millions are losing or will soon lose their jobs due to the vaccine mandate, the supply chain is at a standstill.

    This was all planned. It’s called the Great Reset
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  7. Overnight


    So not only will they lose their jobs, so many of them will lose their lives!

    Well, that's brilliant! All because some media outlets kept going on about the "new technology" about mRNA.

    If the media had just STFU about the "technology," stupid people would have been none-the-wiser. Instead, by mentioning that it was "new technology", people thought it was Bill Gates inserting microchips into the blood and magnetizing the body. And now smart people have become stupid by believing it. Fucking unbelievable.
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    OR.... people can learn to.... wait for it OMG (deep breaths...) - think for themselves and stop watching / listening to the media? Because it's obviously a blatant bullshit festival of constant lies and deceit?

    Can't have that. Sheep central up in this bitch. American education so good though right? :vomit::vomit::vomit:
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  9. ipatent


    The markets didn't move much today, so it looks like at least gentle tapering is built into expectations.
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    You seem a learned individual, and should know by now that many American people cannot think for themselves, because they do not think! You know how many videos I can find that prove that point? Countless.

    Well, this is not necessarily one of them...I just happened to be listening to the song when I read your post, and felt compelled.
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