Fed says economy needs $600B bond-purchase program...haha

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    Of course it does, right BUBBLE ben bernanke, cause having this $600B bond purchase in place to artificially lower rates and create a stock market rally is going to create millions of jobs. HAHA. keep purchasing those securities and see what happens, nothing!!! This is quite a pathetic move to create what they think is an economic turn around. This is a structural problem but no one wants to admit it, once they realize this isn't working they are going to release QE 3 and 4. Remember just to absorb the new labor force on a monthly basis you need 150,000-200,000 new jobs.

    Bubble ben bernanke noted in this last meeting that the recent increase in prices of commodities "isnt likely to spark high inflation", hmmmmm, now the only reason bubble ben bernanke mentions this is because it gives the fed the ability to keep this program in place....inflation what inflation as Bubble ben bernanke would say while keeping this $600B bond buying program in place and probably continue this bond buying program for the next decade.

    Fed says economy needs $600B bond-purchase program
    Fed: Economy isn't growing fast enough to lower unemployment, keeps $600B bond-buying program

    Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2011. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
    Jeannine Aversa, AP Economics Writer, On Wednesday January 26, 2011, 2:47 pm

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that the economy isn't growing fast enough to lower unemployment and must press ahead with its $600 billion Treasury bond-purchase program.

    Ending its first meeting of the year, the Fed made no changes to the program. The decision was unanimous.

    The decision came from a new lineup of voting members that includes two officials who have criticized the bond purchases. They have said the purchases could eventually ignite inflation or speculative buying in assets like stocks.

    The bond-buying program is intended to lower rates on loans and boost stock prices, spurring more spending and invigorating the economy. Chairman Ben Bernanke faces the challenge of trying to boost hiring and growth without creating new economic threats.

    The tax-cut package that took effect this month is easing pressure on the Fed to stimulate growth through its bond purchases. The measure renewed income-tax cuts and cut workers' Social Security taxes, boosting their take-home pay.

    The Fed's assessment of the economy was nearly identical to its last meeting in December. Fed policymakers seemed to downplay recent improvements in the economy including stronger spending by consumers and more production at factories.

    Instead, the Fed noted that the economy continues to faces risks. The biggest: that high unemployment will damp consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of national economic activity.

    Fed policymakers observed that the "economic recovery is continuing, though at a rate that has been insufficient to bring about a significant improvement in labor market conditions."

    One of the Fed's main reasons for launching the bond-buying program was to lower high unemployment, now at 9.4 percent.

    The Fed noted a recent increase in the prices of commodities, such as oil and gasoline, but said it isn't likely to spark high inflation. The prospect that inflation will remain tame gives the Fed leeway to stick with its program, announced Nov. 3, to buy $600 billion worth of Treasury debt by the end of June.

    The Fed also kept a pledge to hold a key interest rate at a record low near zero for an "extended period." The Fed has kept rates at ultra-low levels since December 2008 to try to encourage people and businesses to spend more.
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    i just fucking curious-what recovery rate would be "sufficient" for them? what a fuck they are expecting(if anything)? from zero to 10% GDP in one year or something? blah blah blah.. SSDD
  3. Only in the US and Japan is it acceptable to take a loss on every intervention trade. The fucking patients are running the asylum. The T issues the debt and the Fed buys it.

    It's a retarded change-bank. How do we make money...? VOLUME.

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  4. Actually, it's not exactly clear to me how you figure that... The Fed made $78.4bn in FY 2010; in stark contrast, the SNB, for example, lost Sfr26bn in FY 2010. How 'bout that? I'd say that Uncle Ben acquitted himself rather well so far, in relative terms.
  5. Are you referring to MTM on interventions, or bailouts? Because there is no way the Fed is above water on the QE2 buy-back scam.
  6. Asked whether he considers QE2 a success, the Bernank cites the stock market being up XX%.


    <IMG SRC=http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/graph/fredgraph.png?bgcolor=%23B3CDE7&chart_type=line&drp=0&fo=ve&graph_bgcolor=%23FFFFFF&height=378&mode=fred&preserve_ratio=checked&recession_bars=On&txtcolor=%23000000&ts=8&width=630&id=TOTLL&scale=Left&range=Custom&cosd=2001-01-03&coed=2011-01-12&line_color=%230000FF&link_values=false&line_style=Solid&mark_type=NONE&mw=4&lw=1&ost=-99999&oet=99999&mma=0&fml=a&fq=Weekly%2C+Ending+Wednesday&fam=avg&fgst=lin&transformation=pc1&vintage_date=2011-01-26&revision_date=2011-01-26>
    Loan demand is pathetic


    home prices are rolling over.

    Just remember if things start getting bad, the Bernank will add more $$ to the POMO and

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    The Bernank is far worse/absurd than Greenspan.
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    Bubble ben bernanke is only accommodating the rich and wealthy, everyone below these 2 classes is feeling the squeeze of what these easy money policies are doing to the economy as a whole. Prices are still out of control and anyone who thinks its not should just take a look at gas prices or drive to their local grocery store.

    Many believe these programs are going to create jobs, but what they dont understand is that the more easing and stimulus they put forth into the system only increases the prices of raw materials, which puts strain on the small business man. Where is the benefit coming from with all these QE's, its only benefiting the wealthy and the rich.
  8. one thing i don't understand is why QE does not hurt the housing market. Fed is buying T-bonds so their yield is going up. should not mortgage rates follow?
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    6% unemployment and 2% on core CPI. This is pretty well known, isn't it?

  10. Huh?
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