Fed say QE3 coming

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  1. TGregg, when you said bear market, i did not realize you meant the GRIZZLY market.

    nice call! -20% in 3 weeks!

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  2. TGregg


    Thanks. Now tell me HTF to get to sleep tonight! Man, I have NEVER raked in this kinda dough. I mean, it's embarrassing.

    EDIT: BTW Shortie is too kind. From my post to present is only about a 12% drop. From the "top" (not a new top, but the high post call) it might have been 20%, not sure. But not from my call.
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  3. TGregg


    I'm not so sure about QE3 any more. Inflation is looking a little more potent. Benjie just stated back on Monday that he still thinks the economy's gonna pick up in the 2nd half (he's such a "half full" guy) and he might see inflation as proof.

    Big meeting in KC on Friday.
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  4. Epic fail.
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  5. Despite what Bill Gross said, I don't believe the Bernank will announce QE3 at Jackson Hole meeting next Friday (8/26/11) due to still high commodity prices and lack of deflation fears.
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  6. S2007S


    8/26/11 is a huge day for the markets, the market will be hanging on every word BUBBLE ben bernanke speaks.

    QE3 hahahaha.

    How fucking desperate is this economy to need more stimulus, enough is enough, another round will be just the end of this economy as the economy goes into a downward spiral, the currency and bond market are going to collapse. How much more can they continue to keep this phony economy propped up, another round of QE3 will just create an even bigger wealth effect, it will do absolutely nothing for this economy. BUBBLE ben bernanke hasn't a clue what is going on, another round of QE3 will just lead to an even more desperate economy to rely on future handouts, trust me this is doing more harm than good. Keep wishing for more stimulus and watch what happens in the years to come.
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  7. I think volatility will continue to be insane over next number of weeks. Lots of opportunities to make (or lose) money if you can catch the moves.
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