Fed Reserve profits are the fastest growing revenue source for govt

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  1. The interest paid on the monthly $85 billion plus purchases by the Fed is starting to equal big bucks. In a year, the Fed will have close to a trillion dollars in new assets.

    At some point the transfers to the treasury may cut down the deficit. It's a miracle that there is no hyperinflation.
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    Kudos to Big Ben for a job well done (so far).
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    If we're going to have a socialist government, we might as well have it become an economic actor. Cut down the debt and maybe cut taxes down the road as well!
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    Trends inflate and deflate, bubbles burst.

    When shit hits the fan it will be fast and furious.
  5. One star me all you want. Fact is fed is electronically printing $85 billion a month, every month, with no hyperinflation.

    When will the shit hit the fan. Tomorrow, next week, new year, never?
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    when soros takes a position just like he recently shorted the japanese yen and made a 1 billion+ profit.
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    Zdreg, there are two books I could highly recommend to you. One is the "Soros Lectures at the Central European University", and the other is "The Philanthropy of George Soros" by Chuck Sudetic.

    I'm no expert on philanthropy, but I would guess that Soros would rank with the most philanthropic citizens of our entire U.S. history. In particular, he has used his wealth to help countless numbers of poor, downtrodden and dispossessed in many countries around the world. He is truly a remarkable individual.
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    Although, QE implies new money, i.e., "printing", if you were to check out the details I think you would find that only a fraction of the "85 billion" is actually new money. Bernanke has said that much of the money for these purchases is coming from Fed income earned on assets.
  9. all income is transferred to the government

    the buy with newly printed money
  10. its only worth that because the feds buying of those assets and push up the value. i want to see them sell out of it all and still book a profit. its like the movie boiler room with the fed having the star role.

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