Fed Reserve Dictatorship

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  1. LT701


    Greenspan let the nasdaq crash 50% before even hinting of an ease with high interest rates

    Ben cuts 2 shock half pointers in a row, at low rates with dow 3 % off all time highs


    it's all about who and what they bail out

    he just turned our currency into toilet paper, unneccessarely
  2. maxpi


    Yeah, sure... and the Reagan era was bad too. Japan was the big concern at the time, the dollar fell to about 80 yen and the economy boomed, the US was exporting steel to Japan until the dollar strengthened as I recall. Up until that time Japan was renowned for it's quality automobiles, of course, they were $15,000 cars selling for $5000 in the US, they could afford to put a little extra quality in them.
  3. nassau


    has it every been any different.
    rich get ?
    will be very interesting over the next 12-18 months.

    best thing he did for me was give me some great short opportunties writting calls.

    personally I think its only begun.
    so many stocks,oil,gold etc up.
    wonder what his / usa gov. agenda really is.
    It has been obvious for several years now they wanted and needed a weak dollar.

  4. It gets awfully tiring hearing these posts claiming govt conspiracies, coverups, abuses, agendas and other shenanigans

    Go away
  5. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't make the bad guys go away.
  6. LT701


    now less than 2 % off of dow's all time high

    unreal that such severe actions occur at this level
  7. LT701


    someone forcing you to read it?
  8. Priced in devaluing dollars, of course the market will go up. Expect it to go up even more.
  9. USA is a planned soviet style economy. Its a fact.
  10. S2007S


    The bulls got what they wanted, I guess now its back to fresh highs on the dow, everything is better again, time to go long and not worry about any sub prime issues, or credit bubbles. Just sit back and go long, no worries, before you know it the dow will be back at highs and cnbc will be cheerleading once again. LBO will start to increase now, more IPOS await and the credit bubble is ready to start moving again.

    DOW no only off 2% from its highs, to think it was sitting under 12600 on August 16th, a month later and its up 1000 points. Good job bernanke keep lowering the rates, only way to prop up the markets I guess.
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