Fed Rate Cut News Link

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  1. Lol... 'fed rate cut'? That's not a news link to a fed rate cut. It's a link to a bad, unsubstantiated rumour.

    Ric Klusman, head of institutional trading at Aequs Securities? Yep, he's a well known Fed insider.

    Is there even a company called Aequs Securities?

    You might as well have started a thread called 'Jesus Christ, please let it rally so I can get out of my longs at a moderate loss'.
  2. Fed rate cut news.......ZZZZZZZZZZZ...yawn...zzzzzzzzzzzz .......
  3. How do futures traders know that there is an emergency meeting? They have connections with the janitors at the Fed building?
  4. Leaks.
  5. Then how come the S&P futures are still down more than 10 handles?
  6. Could be true, could be false. That is the case with rumors.
  7. Anyone got a free site to check futures?

    Or how can I check with TDAmeritarde, Scotrade, or I.B.

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