Fed Rate Cut!! How the Stock market will be?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocktrader2007, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Everybody is looking at Fed's announcement on Tuesday.

    There are only two possiblity .. There may be a Cut for .25% or No change at all.. Hope they wont increase the rates at this conditions.

    If there is a Cut .. Its good for the market.. Market is not really going to bump.. There are other factors .. Leeman brothers and Bear Sterns are reporting their quarters. Market still may be depending on them

    If there is no Cut.. Whats going to be the case.. Its going to be a real red?? I believe so .. here people over reacted on subprime.. and they want rate cut. Though subprime doesnt really had direct connection with stock markets..

    Its going to be some real fun on tuesday.. Lets wait and see.

    Please add your opinions on cut , no cut or increase scenarios..
  2. no, there is also a big chance of a 0.5% cut. 42% of leading bankers think it will be 0.5%. 50% think 0.25% and 8% think 0.75%. None of them think its possible the FED will do nothing.
  3. what leading bankers thought a year ago?

    your information shows what_the_want and not what they think
  4. dtan1e


    i think its 0.25, anything more than that & your dollar will be worth less than toilet paper
  5. I was in California for 3 weeks now and was surprised how much less you get for the Dollar compared to 15 years ago. The feeled inflation for me (German) in USA is much higher than the official numbers tell.
    So I am not surprised any more the Euro is at 1.4 level right now.

    I also think it will be 0.25 because anything else would worry markets.