Fed raises discount rate to 0.75%, wants banks to borrow from the private market

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    SPDR S&P 500 ETF off 0.5% after discount rate hike
  2. HangSeng, Footsie and DAX down 30%?......Black Friday! :eek:
  3. now we know why the last 2 days of trading were like fed days trading
  4. Just in time for options expiration...
  5. Treasury futures have been trading out of whacks for days.
  6. "MohdSalleh", translated into English means "optimist". :cool:
  7. S2007S


    If the market hates this news wonder how it will feel when the entire artificial propping of the markets is over with. You know, no more zero % interest rates, no more free money to buy a house, no more stimulus, no more buying MBS etc, etc, etc. The market is so used to these easy money policies by bubble ben bernanke that it will be far to hard for this economy to weather the storm without these instruments in place.