Fed Prepping More Easing: Medley Global Advisors

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  1. Fed Prepping More Easing: Medley Global Advisors

    This could be one of the biggest gifts in our lifetime...to short this market after the move on Nov 2 or so.

    The market is so close to a possibleCrash (of course not over night), as it balloons upward on Fake News and Media Propaganda.

    In the same sentance of RECESSION IS OVER i read "Fed prepares to Easy", Dallas Fed reports -17 in manufacturing vrs expected -7.

    Sit back, clear your head and think about patterns. THIS IS SPOT ON OF THE 1930's DEPRESSION. SPITTING IMAGE.... as the market rallied and the "Recession" was declared all but over, ...as we are seeing now.

    A bit troublism IMHO. But, I'm lucky enough to be in Texas, low taxes and energy cost. I feel for those who are in front of this train.
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    Greed knows no bounds this stealing act that is