Fed Official: Oil shock could lead to QE3 -- How to trade QE3?

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  1. No link, google it.

    QE3 is officially on the way.
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    yeah, that was lockhart the chimp. not a voting member (thank God). fischer who is a voting member, essentially said no qe3, and would be open to an early end of qe2.

    lockhart is a jackwagon. lets see, more qe, more commodity inflation, leading to....more qe? and the cycle repeats.
  3. QE as an antidote for oil shocks? What else can QE cure? Baldness? Poor eating habits? Middle Eastern conflicts?
  4. Bob111


    more QE's=lower $USD. Low $USD=oil cost more. SSDD..
  5. Trade for inflation. Massive, unrelenting inflation.
  6. pupu


    Dow target=7000+n(QE)*3000
    Based on this, 6-12 months after QE3 announced expect dow at 16,000
  7. Can't have general inflation without a rise in incomes. Not going to get a rise in incomes unless oil prices collapse.

    The dollar is a reasonable proxy when energy is cheap and abundant - but it's a misdirect when energy is expensive and getting more expensive.
  8. S2007S


    Another round of stimulus would be a complete joke, we already have skyrocketing commodities and a worthless dollar, more stimulus to prop up a worthless economy is going to be just another laughing matter, this isn't a bull market and there is no turn around in the economy. The credit crisis is still here, but the only way to make pretend it doesn't exist is to continue to throw massive amounts of worthless dollars at the economy. Let the fools welcome QE3 and what ever QE's they are going to throw at the economy, but it will NOT fix a thing.

    Bubble ben bernanke is out of magic tricks!!!!!
  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    sorry RC but are you discounting stagflation or are you simply using a different definition for "general inflation" as one that must include wage inflation as well?
  10. The beginning of the end of paper money. Get the birdbrains out of the way and let the market make the adjustments. Things get so screwed up when over educated princeton professors try and manage something so big with little to no experience running even a small business.
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