fED needs to buy futures

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  1. forget liquidity injection in the credit markets - we need a liquidity injection in ES...........let's go 70 point rally today!!!!!!!!!!

  2. still waiting for them to ramp up YM 500+.

    for those of you who have never seen the Fed step in......watch out.

  3. an alternative to buying futures,

    they should just shut down the markets for maybe 3 weeks.Simply stabilize the markets and let the crisis pass.After that we rally big time.

    btw,they've thought of doing this before.

  4. What and ruin the fortune I'm making ?? LMAO!!! Down we go!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. blackguards been around - he's knows what's up.
  6. I think islands is solidly in the pray zone right now...If the fed hasn't cut rates yet, they won't be buying futures. If you hadn't noticed greenie isn't there anymore. Shut the markets for a couple weeks to stabilize? Yikes, that is beyond ridiculous!
  7. Surdo


    Are you smoking bad CRACK again?
    Some of us actually are making BIG wood in this market, I guess you are not one of them.

    el surdo
  8. like I said

    watch out

  9. if you look at a chart of YM from yesterday around 3PM EST to 945AM today.....

    the point gain is about 600 pts

    thats the power of the Fed.
  10. Im going to go out on a limb here.....

    I think today starts a 6-9 month rally in YM, NQ , ES.

    all of you shorts screaming for lower levels are going to look back at AUG 17 2007 and feel like fools.

    just a thought

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