Fed Must Make Public Reports on Emergency Loans, U.S. Judge Says

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  1. Daal


    "a federal judge ruled"

    Why you a congress and a president when judges can just do what they want. Might as well call him fürher
  2. "Führer". :)
  3. It's called a republic.
  4. Is that a sentence?
  5. Hell yeah! Is this true? I can't wait to read that. So does it cover the $7+ trillion?
  6. The Judiciary is the only area that is relatively free from the influence of Vampire Capitalism or Parasitic Capitalism ( take your pick ).

    Recall it was the Courts that forced the South to give up its mickey mouse disenfranchising of Blacks.

    Now you know why older white southerners hate the courts and blacks

    Are you a southerner?

  7. ipatent


    The shit is about to hit the fan, unless an appeals court stops this.

  8. Sure they will release the data...after appealing and dragging this out for another 5 years.....
  9. Pascal


    Bernanke was just reappointed, how convenient. The fight is on.

    Channel the spirit of Andrew Jackson and you will find an unworkable battle.
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