Fed Meeting Today?

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  1. I had no idea, not like it really matters. Fed meeting, who cares!
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    Talk is that sometime by the end of 2009 rates will be back up near .50%, they aren't going to even do anything today but give everyone a heads up on where the economy is and where its heading, if they say anything positive I would just sit back and take it as one big LAUGH.
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    Consumer spending is up a bit.
  4. This is not insignificant.
  5. Probably has something to do with the fact you aren't a professional trader. If it was YOUR true profession, you would have known at least by Monday that we had an FOMC announcement on Wednesday.

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    What 'talk'?Fed fund futures are up today, this means lower a fed funds rate
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  9. Rates are creeping back up, which is countering what the FED wnats at the moment, expect announcements of further fed buying of treasuries to lower mid-long rates down again.
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    Dear newbie! I suggest you take a full margined position around 14:10 without a stop loss. Then wait for what happens. You will be either very happy or will learn a valuable lesson such as not to talk about something what you don't know shit....
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