Fed may push for rentals of foreclosed homes

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  2. Will you be accepting of "that" even if it means having 12 recent immigrants living in a 4-bedroom home next door to YOU? :confused: :eek: :( :mad:
  3. Either that or it becomes a boarded up crack den for drifters are mentally disturbed rapists and serial killers.

    The religion of sociopathic free marker capitalism got us to this point, time to look at sensible alternatives.
  4. No, Socialism and government intervention in free markets got us into this mess.

    We haven't had genuine capitalism in the US for how long... 50-60 years? Longer?
  5. How does anyone make the right decision about the future? Every decision has trade offs? They act like there are free lunches to be had around every corner.

  6. What is Free market capitalism exactly? It's become a religious mantra that describes a nonesensical philosophy that evil psychopaths will do good things for society. You want truly free market capitalism, go to third world countries with weak governments employing child labor and where 90% live in mud huts next to toxic rivers.
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    The FED is still around?!?!

    Jevus save us all!
  8. they could not do what you stated because that would take home values down even more. i do see people renting homes out though. they are not buying them to rent out its just away of stopping the drowning a little. i don't think its profitable to buy homes and rent them that's for sure.
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    Fed White Paper discusses REO-to-Rental Program, says Further Modification of HAMP Would "involve additional taxpayer funding, overriding private contract rights"

  10. Nobody knows. It's never been seen outside academia or Ayn Rand's imagination.
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