FED manipulating markets via

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  1. Quantitative easing and price fixing manipulating S&P futures.

    market manipulation alwasy fails. i guess the market won't correct until the US declares bankruptcy or the FED is forced to raise rates to 10% as the USD becomes worthless and foreign investors refuse to lend to lend or buy US T-bills.

    making the USD worthless is worse than any recession or even depression.

    very few retail longs or long traders hence no profit taking...only short squeeze and short covering..

    the fed has enough money to buy the entire float in the market with taxpayers money if it wanted to 100 shares.

    i guess it's not their money. why fed doesn't care about hyperinflation of debasing the currency.
  2. Oh no, not another one of these, please... I implore you, please stop, for sanity's sake.
  3. when was the FED this into quantitative easing in the history of the US gov't??====NEVER!!

    The US FED is making history!!!

    the market is getting rare market data or ABNORMAL MARKET!!!!

    lots of red flag signals.

    either the US gov't declares bankruptcy or the USD is in trouble

    the US debt is ticking time bomb for 20 years!!!!!

    it's been ticking for 20 years.!!!!!

  4. there is no such thing as 0% interest rate only in fantasy market. fake money is money 0%!! FED is lending money at 0% since it's not their money. or the money is fake or lending counterfeit money.

    most corporations and individuals paying 10% to borrow money!! if they can get it.


  5. Unfortunately, brokenmarkets, you don't have much of an audience here as there is a collective Stockholm Syndrome amongst the majority of participants on this site.

    There are no conspiracies, everything is explainable, there is no manipulation, it's all the so-called free market revaluing assets at their true value.

    If you voice any dissent, you will always be called a perma-bear who must be short the market.

    It's the same load of bullshit that was voiced in 2005 & 2006 & 2007. Everything, at all times, is an us vs them conundrum. There exists no third alternative to anything.
  6. everybody knows the FED is manipulating the markets.

    FED is owned by the banks and wall street.

    US is bankrupt....FED is broke.

    that is the reality.

    of course it's consipracy US banks are broke if interest rate is 5%

    banks borrow money at 0% and lend at 10% who would make money.

    FED subsidizing the banking sector...

    there is no free lunch with quantitative easing..

    FED has rules..it can do whatever it wants.

    FED is not an independent institution like it was designed to be..now the FED is gov't department

    why keeping creating money from thin air..all it does is ends up in inflated stock market and higher commodity prices and destroying the dollar..

    seriously, if the USD loses it's foreign reserver status the FED will have NO CHOICE but to raise interest rates to 10%

    thati s the consequence of quantitative easing,,the dollar is debased. and nobody wants to own or lend money to a curency under debasing. third world countries like zimbabwe cannot get loans.

  7. ammo


    the depression was caused by a global market inter trading explosion,at that time there wasn't a banking system to support it and we crashed, this time around there is, they may be handling it poorly ,time will tell,but i'm sure the fluctuation of int rates is a small piece of a larger machine they are aware of,banks no longer make their majority of income on int rates,they have entered the brokerage business,and on top of commissions they are trading ...it's not simple and i doubt you or i ,nor 99.9% of the people on the blogoshere understand it...a wise man knows he doesn't know, a simple man thinks what little he does know is a lot
  8. the market ain't stupid.they know the FED is on the path to debase the USD increase money supply to pay for 1 trillion dollar deficits..there is no 1 trillion to lend. and if there was money people won't lend to municipal for federal gov't and get paid less than they lent out..

    the rise in oil and gold is direction correlation to debasing of USD...as for stocks market it's just following gold and oil..as nobody wants to hold USD that is being debased. as the FED POLICY

    there is no free lunch. okay.

  9. It is essentially an invest at gunpoint policy. I think the equity rally has taken on absurd life of its own BUT that being said, if given a handful of options as to where to park money (outside of precious metals), it would make more sense to have ownership in a company like Exxon Mobil or some other of a handful of conglomerates as OPPOSED to municipal debt.

    But this is the point in which the discussion veers off the track and crashes into the bridge...one camp doesn't see manipulation, yet I'd argue its manipulation on two fronts. The Fed does everything in its power to set the cost of money, if thats not enough they go to work in the market at various maturities all the while giving a wink and a nod to the primary dealers to bid up asset prices. It's all about creating the self-reinforcing feedback loop and works well so long as you have all these fund managers chasing their tails quarter after quarter...If and when they are fully invested and there are outflows, in steps the Fed and the Primary Dealers along with their HFT cornering machines to keep the bid under asset prices.
  10. when was the last time investors bought the market because they are concerned the USD is being debased.

    there has never been in the FED's history of having a weak dollar or debasing the currency..not in the last 80 years ..not even in the 1930's was the policy of debasing currency. US was not in debt.

    US following same path as germany 1933...high in debt bad economy. creating money to pay the interest on debt...welfare state..the military is 20% of economy.



    americans cannot afford the 500 billion/year useless war and useless military.

    the US like many powerful nations is going bankrupt from spending money on wars it cannot afford. plus gov't bureacracy and welfare state it cannot afford... less gov't is better gov't.
    The FED isn't accountable to anyone.

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