fed just added more liquidity

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, May 2, 2008.

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    pumping pumping pumping the markets with more liquidity,
  2. cszulc


    They've done this before. It means the jobs report is going to be HORRIBLE!

    Look at ES Futures this morning, pump and dump.
  3. '

    yea look at the 10 yr and 30 yr bond right now. looks like a leak or just some really ballsy gambling.
  4. Why even release the data? When it doesnt correspond to a rosy future than it is deemed time to intervene.
  5. You tax payers just keep working your ass off and paying for for food and energy.

    The poor banks need your money because they made bad decisions.

    As for your bad decisions.....TOOOOOOO BADDDDDD
  6. huge day today
  7. ur the best trader in this forum
  8. Rate cut coming......1% :) you better believe it.
  9. the fed doesn't have the medicine to cure these ills.
  10. I agree they aren't going to cure this credit crisis. But will add more painkiller.
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