Fed is so good!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by kashirin, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. First they created Nasdaq bubble

    Then they created housing bubble

    Now they created everything in the world bubble - commodities, stocks, food etc.

    Although we can't say they create only bubbles - they also crashed dollar

    They are really good. It's so easy to make make money with the Fed
  2. tyler19


    solution = Ron Paul
  3. Any reason why you feel the need to repeat yourself, kashirin?
    Congrats on having opened two threads within days where you say the same thing.
  4. trefoil, I said a different thing now

    as time goes I see new effects of Fed policy
    I don't think they are stupid people but they just can't hold pressure

    Armageddon will not happen, of course
    USA will stay the leader
    But all this irresponsible behaviour might lead to losing reserve curency status which I think is very important

    Most countries that pegged their currencies to dollar experience 8-15% inflation now. And with such policy as Fed provides now the same will happen to US inflation