Fed Is Poised for More Easing

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  1. Federal Reserve officials are starting to build a case for a new program of buying mortgage-backed securities to boost the ailing economy, though they appear unlikely to move swiftly.

    The idea would be to target any new efforts by the central bank at the parts of the economy that are most severely impeding a recovery—the housing and mortgage markets—by working to push down mortgage rates.

    Lower mortgage rates, in turn, could encourage more home buying and mortgage-refinancing, and help the economy by freeing up cash for consumers to spend on other goods and services.

  2. TGregg


    Good grief. This is getting crazy when the fed is looking at 4% mortgage rates and thinking "Man, that's just too damn high. We should drop it down some more."

    People reading about this 50 years from now will be thinking "WTF was wrong with these idiots?"
  3. joneog


    If current policy is tight (which pretty much every "respectable" economist says) I would hate to see what loose policy looks like. With all those economists they have on staff you'd think someone would realize the problem is not the level of rates anymore, (nor has it been for quite a while.)

    But I guess when all you have is a hammer...
  4. Crispy


    I finally got a decent deal on a 3.75% refi and now im saying to myself. "should I hold off for the jubilee?". I got this nutty feeling that cominginto the election Obama will propose either debt relief or a nationwide refi under 2.00 for anybody with a mortage regardless of LTV, underwater, overwater...etc
  5. maler


    It feels like Ben is fighting the last war.
    He's an expert in the period 1929 to 1940
    but perhaps his focus should be on the period
    1940 to today when the dollar became
    the main reserve currency dethroning the pound.
    We as americans will loose a lot more
    if the dollar losses its reserve status than if
    the house prices come down to where a regular joe
    can pay for one in one lifetime.
  6. pupu


    By the time the mayhem these policies unleash on main street Ben will be long gone and happily doing something else. May pop to do a short thing for 60 minutes.

    Just like his master, Greenspan, the chief architect of the great recession is off the radar after his years of 'sainthood' in the FED.

  8. Surely they have to bring back the death penalty for financial crimes ?
  9. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Between ES pushing recent highs, oil near $89 as of this moment, and food inflation still going up, the Fed is just huffing and puffing. No further easing coming from them until things get much worse.

    Even then, they're staring a hostile republican presidential candidate in the face (not one of the current runners likes Bernanke or what he's doing) for next year's election. It's too political, they won't do it.