FED is making same mistake again

Discussion in 'Trading' started by nasirfund, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. nasirfund


    Ultra low rates in the past is the main cause of present banking
    problems. Now, the FED is repeating the history.
    Instead of limiting national spending on wars , they think the remedy is in lowering rates!!!
    USA must control deficits which is the main culprit.:)
  2. I wasn't aware of the fact that the Fed chairman was commander in chief of US troops!
  3. avarus


    Read "The Return of Depression Economics", deja vu.
  4. S2007S


    Hstorical low rates in 2001 is the cause of the problem the US economy faces today, I have been saying this since they started to lower rates in Sept/Oct. They think they can fix the system by creating the same low rates they created in 2001 that started this whole credit crisis. They think by lowering rates its going to create another 5 year booming economy, well just to let you know its going to get worse before it gets any better.
  5. mokwit


    Even with the availability of unlimited amphetamine or cocaine the addict eventually has to crash. Medical fact.
  6. This is getting tiresome guys. Until the cards start tumbling just buy buy buy, these equities are flying, don't get left out.
  7. avarus


    The FED played a waiting game, hoping and hoping.
  8. Yes you keep saying the same things and you're dead wrong on this one. It was right to cut the rates the way they did in 2001 but the mistake was to keep them too low for too long way into 2004, after the economy was already substantially stronger and the job market was on fire. That was the mistake!