Fed is gonna roll over tomorrow 6-28-07

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  1. Their will be alot of changes in the statement all very dovish. All the chatter about subprime,hedge fund blow ups, its all cover for the fed to give wallsteet investment banks what they want, talk of a rate cut. Fed is a tooth less tiger, they do as their told.

    Mark my words you will see.
  2. All set for the HUGE
  3. All set the for huge rally, get ready for a doves rewording of their statement.
  4. Yeah, pretty soon they'll be consulting with the big creditors (China & Japan) on whether to raise/lower rates.

    The US is in a real shithole thanks in part to the greedy bastards on wall street and the stupid public who are only good at consuming imported crap.

  5. S2007S


    DOW to 13550+ today.....
  6. S2007S


    :D :D :D :D
  7. Great, I see you're adding to the list of shit you have no idea about but still yap about. :D

  8. Wasn't always like that, I have an old Emerson fan my grandmother gave my has brass blades weighs 40 pounds and still runs, its 70 years old made in the USA.

    We use to make the worlds best products right here at home. dammm politicians sold us out.
  9. And I see you still talk to much like a little girl.