FED informed B of A to be ready for one week US banking "SHUTDOWN" action!

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  1. That site is a bit out there. Most of the articles are a conspiracy theory at best. Look, we have a system called the federal reserve. This banking cartel can print their way out of any deflationary collapse. If they pump enough 0's into the digital system, housing values will be undervalued at current market price.
  2. What a complete joke....OUT THERE?????

    Alex Jones with infowars.com has nailed it to the "T" for over 10 years straight.......you are still believing THEIR lies....let go and be FREE!!!

    Ron Paul is not on the Alex Jones Show constantly for nothing....he also KNOWS THE DEAL!
  3. Set down the crack pipe for a minute and maybe you will be able to clear our some haze. I agree with most of Ron Paul's ideas about monetary theory. But infowars is on the side of paranoia. The guy seriously sounds like he's either got a screw loose, or he smokes some shit. There's a middle ground between different sects of thought that is truth. You've got to filter through extreme ideas to find the balance. The idea that we're going to be under marshall law just makes no sense. Anyone can take news sources off the internet and skew them a little bit to create a following of fellow idiots. But people that live in the real world, with a normal level of intelligence, can see through most internet BS these days.
  4. If any source was cited for this claim of banking shutdown, then it would be more than a little bit interesting ...... but there isn't.

    Phrases such as "Illuminati" really don't help the credibility either.

    There are plently of people who think that Bush, the neocons, and a good portion of Wall St are the lowest form of life without subscribing to all the Alex Jones conspiracy crap.
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    I agree, in fact Alex Jones has been predicting the coming of Marshall law (sometimes with exact dates!) as long as I remember...for some things he might be on the right track, if not the paranoia...
  6. Alex Jones is nothing more than a highly honorable PASSIONATE PATRIOT who absolutely LOVES his country!!!!!

    I have met him here in AUS several times and I find him exceptionally genuine, honest, and full of life! :cool:
  7. Never used a single drug in my entire life.....serving the U.S. Army in the 80's as an AH-1S Cobra "Guns Platoon" aviator lead me very early on to see that our government was FULL OF LIES. Central America operations during the contra years and the CIA/drug running/cartel protecting/drugs to the inner city/etc, etc, etc game was an eye opener for many.........

    I have seen what human nature of free will lead by forces other than the holy spirit are capable of......and I PRAY that you never have to.
  8. Sound like a jabron.
  9. Here Mr. Ruppert from the 1980's video above (former LAPD narcotics officer) talking about obama's primary globalist sect keeper..........



    These are a mere fractal of the globalist game, and there are a million other details that anyone can learn if they just start paying attention and getting PROPERLY informed.

    When you find out how the real world works, you will then know that 15 minutes of the Alex Jones show has more FACT than hours of the garbage from "mainstream" sources.
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