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    Here is some advice for you. I suggest you take it. I find you trying to control chaos... gross and harmful. Just as the brain works, chaos produces the very best outcomes. Evolution on a second to second time frame. But if you insist on trying to control.. you are screwing up right now, and I can help. I can feel what no book will show you, believe me or not, I don't care, I'm watching, knowing this is all small ball. Unfortunately those who try and control it, are the worst at it, simply because they can not see its beauty and efficiency.

    You have got to push them out of long bonds right now. Shove them on their ass in a few days of hard selling. If you wait until your hand is forced to admit to more QE it will have passed. Even if a slow down is in progress, use the cover of downgrade to force them into risk mode. You are in fact pushing on a string, only because you don't grab it like a rope. If you are going to do this, you have a window. Take it now, you have cover for now.

    You know once more QE is accepted and it already will be, with scared money. You can drive rates to where you see fit. However, they will be content to front run you, if you allow it. Push them out now, fast and hard. The market is like a deer in headlights, they have already run out, shove them, before they sit. Then you have them now and in the future. You must be master of more than slow money, you must take control quickly.

    Again, I think this whole process is against the true nature of evolution, but the powers that be are insistent, so might as well do it right. Time is running out, kick them out now, and you can massage later. You have a a few days or so, to get um out, before you are pushing on a string. Tick Toc, do it now. Not next week, too late.
  2. it doesn't matter. as long as chinese are working hard to produce goods for americans in exchange for green little papers, its aaaaalright.

    its the most clever and intelligent strategy FED and mass media could ever discover.
    american and european people can do literally nothing, except printing currency. poor asian nations are happy to export :)

    the truth is: there are too many hands willing to work and too many automated factories. the western world does not need to work anymore.
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    Q3 will become meaningless and yet still necessary. You had a chance, but I suppose you people are incompetent. I suppose it's time for the fed to go. If they are unable to stimulate through illusory means, like they could, they have no purpose. Clearly everyone was willing to look the other way. Time to do them like Templars. Not only do you not get paid, you get scapegoated instead.

    Unable to click the button next buy? it says sell btw. I know Japan could have done it for you, they certainly need to. You should have seen this opportunity, it's not coming again. It is too late.
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    "My long-standing belief is that the Federal Reserve should never enact such asymmetric policies to protect stock market traders and investors. I believe my FOMC colleagues share this view."

    Look here tricky Dick. It aint gonna work. You're goin down with the ship. Don't try "my longstanding," "it was never my fault"

    You are all finished. And by that I mean Fed i.e. every big bank, sec, hedgfunds.. all done. I will give you an analogy.

    A king may believe they have total rule, but he is simply another noble, who rules in their stead. If he becomes unruly, see bond market, he gets assassinated. You failed your nobility, thinking you were above them. You had your opportunity and have proved incompetent. You have bond markets pricing in a worse collapse than 08. You sit on your asses, they can run from Eurotrash but you thought to continue to let them run in long bond, wrong answer. You may think, well... this will protect our investments. Your couldn't be more wrong. They will come up with an insane excuse, and it wont matter, you are all done.

    It's your own fault. You stopped playing the game. Now I'm sure as the flames set in, all your big banks will call in every loan they can. It isn't going to work in the end, just poker chips. You will be offered up to the mouth breathers. This could have been avoided. If you would have slammed the long bond this week, more action in investing needed. You got some bad advice, now your done. And no jumping ship... looking at you Dick. You will hang together, not separate.

    Always remember it was an illusion, you had the power to affect it. You sat and watched it happen. Thinking perhaps it would resolve itself by next week or maybe Sept? Or QE3 would work? Nope you had to push them out before hand. Even next week is too late, the "illusion" wont work anymore, timing is everything if you want a command economy secretly, it has to flow like a real market, now everyone running. Game over. JPM, I always sorta admired you, will be interesting watching you try to call everything in thinkin your the BSD. Then soon after you get scapegoated for causing damage. End the Fed is actually gonna happen now, crazy as it sounds. Perp walks, justified or not, will actually happen now. And you think, well here we are at around 1200 es.. nah.. I don't mind of course, will be volatile as hell. I'm just annoyed by lack of testicles everywhere I see them, including corrupt cartels. You got maybe two days to slam the hell out of long bonds, but it won't be as good as a weak selling week. I trust your too damn dumb to hit them out hard in days. I think its over, Goodbye, interesting run you had with matrix, seeing you go down to tard senators will be equally interesting.

    edit- it was also imprudent for a fed member to point the finger at Washington. You will see a tard like maxine waters call for you head....and get it, on a platter. Your fault, now you suffer by the hands of a moron, and nobody is going to care.
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    Forget Philly survey, as you see. It is now too late. They have flooded in bonds, and you could have stopped this, had you acted earlier in the week. Did you think you had a few weeks? You did not. Now what are you going to do? Well I suppose you will grab all the cash you can, call everything in. You're toast. You will be investigated, some of it will be pure b.s., but no one is going to care.