Fed Hike VOTE

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Joab, Sep 20, 2007.

50 bp hike

  1. Good Decision

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  2. Bad Decision

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  3. I don't care I'm rich and you all can eat my shorts :)

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  1. Joab


    Let's just put this to a vote and see what the average trader thinks of the fed recent decision to hike.

    For the record I think it was a huge mistake and if anything shows signs of instability, one minute they say no bail out then the next they "try" and give away $$$.
  2. Joab


  3. lescor


    Which country's fed hiked by 50bp? I missed that headline. I'd like to trade my $USD for their currency.
  4. Huge mistake.

    Everybody is raising rates while we lower. I look for Japan and ECB to raise soon for the next 10% correction.
  5. Only US has fed; other countries have the central bank.

    Look at the bond market crashed; I guess the mortgages rate can't lower; either stay high; or goes higher.

    Nice try Ben; he is going to hike the fed's rate in no time.
  6. I think you meant cut. About the only thing they hiked was the cost of food and gas.