Fed Hike/Cut History

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  1. Would anyone know where I can find a history (10-20 yrs) of Fed rate hikes/cuts? I'd like to study the different hiking/cutting cycles in conjunction with the different economic conditions of each cycle.

    Has anyone ever looked into this?

  2. One of the links to the Federal Reserve Open Committee has a history with the Fed Minutes going back to 1996.
  3. Thx much, I'll just transcribe each decision by pulling out the number from each statement then...

    Do you have any view on the extent of overshoot typically displayed by the Fed? I mean could it be that it is simply disingenuous to believe that one can forecast rate hikes/cuts based on the history of overshooting displayed by Greenspan et al?
  4. duard


    "Markets in Motion"

    by Ned Davis Research,Inc.

    All this and more already done for you.

    1900 to 2004.

    Wiley is the publisher.

    Good Luck