Fed has to cut rates by at least half a point

Discussion in 'Economics' started by seriousNews, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Now is the time, tomorrow is late.
  2. Yeah, enough with this deflation crap. Housing prices down, commodity prices down, stock prices down, etc.

    Free money will do the trick. What we need is some good ol' fashioned inflation to get things going the right direction again! :)
  3. They can cut to zero (and eventually will).

    It won't matter.
  4. rosy2


    they can cut all they want. no one's lending and no one's consuming
  5. Hell, they should cut by 2 points.
  6. The Fed's toys are broken, and do not work in depressions. Check 1929. This infection required amputation, not injections.
  7. the hydrolic lines on that control got severed months ago