Fed gonna cut?

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  1. Been pricing one in. Unreal.

    When's the next meeting? Too lazy to look it up.
  2. its not a question of the FED cutting ... its how much and when

    ( pre meeting or at meeting later in the month )

    my tea leaves are not telling me everything

  3. balda


    They should organize a world wide cut.
  4. lol :)
  5. would be ironic if they had to cut 200bp on Oct-29 (next Fed meeting) with the market dropping 20% to celebrate the anniversary of 1929 crash.
  6. How is a cut going to help? The fed funds has been below the target rate for the past couple weeks. The credit markets are still in a shit storm.
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    Thats a good point. Feds dont dertermine rates, it's the "free market" rate that matters. Already negative real returns on deposits, exacerbating that isnt going to help. Other than boosting up stock market valuations not sure how cutting rates would help.
  8. we already recieved a rate cut; the market itself by commodity prices falling. thats a true rate cut.tat market forces determine such.
  9. how do you guys prevent from getting depressed?
  10. No it hasn't. Regardless, I could care less if there's a cut. I made my money yesterday.

    I'm was saying....it looks REAL likely Fed will cut. But instead they just went after the corp. paper. Could be a smart move.

    (that doesn't mean Benny's still not an idiot)
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