Fed futures show 75bp on January 31

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kashirin, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Or emergency rate cut in February

    2.75% by February 29

  2. someone let me know when 1% is baked in.
  3. Daal


    whats the daily dollar volume of these contracts?
  4. I have a question. After an emergency cut has the market ever not responded?

    I can remember 2001-2003 these intra meeting cuts led to several days or weeks of gains. Then it would fail and resume the trend.
  5. How can you tell what the % chance of a certain rate cut is?
  6. just cut down to 1 or 0 ,
    im getting tired of constantly hearing about the fed and how much will they cut this time ?? for the likes of cn and bloom
  7. The market has ZERO confidence in the Fed, thats the message from the market.