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Discussion in 'Trading' started by criveratrading, May 23, 2006.

  1. fed fund futures catching a little bit of a bid tonight indicating lesser probability of a hike...

    any thots?
  2. BudFoxx


    what's the symbol?
  3. ??............."FF". There you go Bud. One-by-one, July through December should trade above 94.88 and "race" to 95.00 to indicate a "steady" policy or lack of tightening. We'll see.
  4. but are we not thinking the Fed tightens once more? At least equities and commodities sold off like piss on that notion.

    Today Jul FF traded to a low of 94.845 and in the overnight we traded up to a high of 94.875 . Ok a whole big 3 bps but why now?
  5. is anyone trading jun german bund future? is it normal that the calendar spread jun-sep is trading negative??? and what's the meaning of this kind of upswing in a week of 2 full points??? they must be kidding!!!!!!! or obviously speculating... are the istitutionals happy with a 3.9% yield?????
  6. Negative calendar spread? That yield curve must be inverted.
  7. rosy


    people are rolling there positions to SEP.
  8. that's why I am concerned, the yield curve is not inverted yet.. and all the aìother spreads trade positive...
    have a look on shatz - bobl - bund spe 06.
  9. rosy


    are deliverables different between the june contract and the sep? I think the schatz cheapest to deliver changed. and maybe people are rolling the bobl and schatz earlier than the bund. anyway, i think the curve will steepen.