Fed extremely quiet

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipside21, May 9, 2012.

  1. Have any of you noticed how quiet the Fed has been recently?
    During February and March, every time the market sold off a little bit you hear the Fed talking about QE3, but not recently.
  2. FED saying they are keeping rates extremely low through 2014 too quiet for you?
  3. True, but that's never stopped their "good cop/bad cop" routine of marching out the most dovish member like Yellen to "reiterate" the discussion of alternative sources of "future easing" when the markets hit a rough patch. Likewise, when crude oil starts ripping higher one of their cohorts begins talking about taking away the punch bowl.

    This schtick has been ongoing for so long now, it's become pathetic.
  4. You can't expect someone with the last name "Yellen" to be quiet, can you? :D