Fed, ECB, BOJ - ***Axis of Liquidity***

Discussion in 'Economics' started by aeliodon, May 9, 2007.

  1. I think the consensus for the Fed today is unchanged rates and policy statement. Rate stands at 5.25% right now.

    ECB policy/rate statment due tommorow morning. Where does the ECB stand and what is the consensus. I think the ECB rate is near 3.25% - which is pitifully low but not as low as the BOJ which is pretty much 0%.
  2. The Axis of Liquidity is the real Axis of Evil - never missing opportunity to devalue wealth in such a way that only bankers (themselves) profit in the long run.
    When rates barely cover inflation net taxes - then the message is don't bother to save/invest for tommorow.
  3. Okay so ECB rates currently stand at 3.75% and the consensus is a rise to 4% for June. That just makes the Euro even more attractive if the Fed leaves rates unchanged. I think Ben needs to raise one last time to show he's not a pussy and he's not going to allow the dollar to get hammered over and over again.
  4. GDP and job #'s are coming in light.

    PCE came in at 2.1% y/y.

    Fed expects a pickup the 2nd half but if that doesn't happen, rate cuts.